Ben Nye Loose Powder Breakdown and Shade Descriptions

This post is probably a little dated but I just wanted to give a thorough breakdown of the Ben Nye face powders now that Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist have supplies running low on some online stores.   Ben Nye face powders are sold at all pro stores here in LA and I can always find them in various sizes at Naime’s, Nigel’s, and Friend’s.  Buying these powders can be a bit of a dozy if you’re not familiar with the colors, names, and categories.  The guide below will take all the confusion out of things.  For swatches check out this post on Shiny Happy Pretty.

  • They’re broken into 3 categories but you’ll often see them listed as two; Classic Translucent and Luxury Powders.  Luxury Powders come in 2 series; Bella (lighter shades) and Mojave (darker shades).
  • The come in 3 sizes; 1.5oz/ 42gm and 3.0oz/ 85gm shaker bottles, and 8oz/ 226gm jar.  To put that into perspective, a jar of MUFE Super Loose Matte Powder is .35oz/ 10gm.
  • Prices range from $8.00 – $23.99.  Those prices are unbelievable these days.

I’ve been using these for a while and have absolutely no complaints.  I do touch up a little more often (okay once a day, maybe twice for extremely long days) with these compared to the wear of MUFE Super Matte Loose, assuming because they don’t have silicone.  But unlike Super Loose Matte, the color selection is pretty bananas…no pun intended.  Since they’re loose settings powders (with only a hint of color) they photograph well with camera flashes.  You’ll still want to make sure you’re using a nice duo fiber or fluffy brush and blend well to make sure you look flawless.  I also never have any issues with the color due to the color warmth.

CLASSIC TRANSLUCENT FACE POWDERS:  Translucent powder sets creme makeups for a durable, soft matte finish. Seven shades are available from subtle fair to warm brown tones.

Neutral Set Translucent Powder is a colorless powder that blends with all skin tones and retains the intensity of bright and dark shades. Its special formula controls perspiration, making this product perfect for high energy performers such as clowns or dancers.

Super White Powder is Ben Nye’s only non-translucent powder that contains a bright white pigment good for White, Geisha, Porcelain, and other very fair shades.

  • Neutral Set basic neutral colorless
  • Super White Set non-translucent super white
  • Fair translucent fair with pink tones
  • Pretty Pink translucent pink
  • Topaz translucent neutral brown
  • Sienna translucent deep neutral brown
  • Chestnut translucent warm neutral brown
  • Ebony translucent dark brown

BELLA LUXURY LOOSE POWDER:  Formerly known as Visage Poudre Luxury Powders, these ultra-neutral powders provide superior matte and subtle finishing. Often compared to French powders with silky-fine textures. the Ben Nye Bella line of powders are translucent with just a hint of color.


  • Cameo translucent pink beige
  • Buff translucent beige with pink tones
  • Beige Suede translucent beige with brown tones
  • Banana translucent with beige with yellow tones

MOJAVE LUXURY POWDERS: Formerly known as Visage Powders, these ultra-fine, translucent loose powders set foundation, reduce shine and enhance olive and brown skin tones without a hint of chalkiness.

  • Camel translucent golden tan
  • Dolce translucent translucent tan
  • Olive Sand translucent warm tan
  • Clay translucent golden deep tan
  • Nutmeg translucent golden dark tan
  • Dark Cocoa translucent warm dark tan

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  • @IbeThaman

    Posts from The Woman Ben Nye Loose Powder Breakdown and Shade Descriptions

  • Nia

    I just made my purchase of some Ben Nye Powder before seeing your post. I saw gossmakeup on YouTube recommend them and I thought for the price I definitely want to try these. I’ve purchased: Coco Tan, Nuetral Set & the Banana powder – I can’t wait to try them out.

    • Krissy90220

      Ohhh let me know if you post a review!

  • The Man

    Posts from The Woman Ben Nye Loose Powder Breakdown and Shade Descriptions

  • Lula

    Hey there! I notice that the powders are categorized under Non-Translucent, Ultra-Fine, Ultra-Neutral etc. Which one of the powders worked best for you? Also, I wondered which color would work best for my skin tone. As a reference, I’m an NC45.

    I purchased the Banana Powder months ago but have yet to use it. It’s a bit daunting because I’d hate to look as if I’m wearing clown make up :-/ LoL

    • Krissy90220

      They’re all different, those on describe both the texture and coverage.
      The Luxury Powders has only a hint of color, less than sheer foundation.

    • Laura

      I’m not too sure what my MAC foundation color is on me, but I’m pretty sure it’s NC45 as well. The foundation/tinted moisturizer I use is NARS Tinted Moisturizer in Malaga. I ordered The Ben Nye Banana Powder as well as the Topaz powder about a month ago. Topaz should work if you’re just going to be dusting it on your face, but if you press it in with a powder puff like I do, it’ll be too dark. I have mixed Banana and Topaz and applied with both my MAC 129 and my powder puff and it turned out fine. Unfortunately I don’t know how the Camel compares in coloring to Topaz. That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out so I know what to do for my next purchase! I hope that helped. :-)

    • Laura

      Also, I’ve applied the Banana Powder heavily on it’s own and it’s nothing to be afraid of. White translucent powder, however, should be avoided as it gives you the dreaded white-cast.

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  • M K

    Thanks for the review. I am in NC35-40 and I already have the banana powder and the natural set one. I was wondering which one of the the other colors I can use for my whole face and another one for contouring. I was thinking about Ebony or Sinna or Topaz or Camel. Thanks

    • Krissy90220

      They’re really transparent, I would only use them to set foundation and contouring that’s already done. But not to contour with since it’s not enough color.

      • M K

        Thanks for the quick reply. Then, it doesn’t matter if I go for Sienna to set my foundation and give it a little tan color. I heard we can do contouring with loose powders as well ! I thought if I go for Ebony, then I might be able to have a hint of color under my cheekbones .

        • Krissy90220

          You absolutely can contour with loose powder but these are translucent powders. Not much will show.

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  • Smallz

    This is the best post on the Ben Nye powders I’ve come across and believe me, I have searched high and low. Thanks for explaining the differences and for listing all the shades and descriptions. All I need to do now is figure out which would be best for my skintone (NW43). Thank you for the review, much appreciated

    • Krissy90220

      You’re very welcome! The right shade depends on how you plan on using it.

      • Smallz

        I would like to buy two, one to set under eye concealer/ highlight and the other as an all over face powder.

        • Krissy90220

          That’s the same reason I bought 2 different shades :)

  • M


    I did buy few of these powders (Banana-Ebony-colorless). I am wondering which of the Ben nye media pro tablets are close to these for contouring ?! I tried Ebony for contoring but it didn’t turn out very good. I couldn’t blend it well like a bronzer ! I am NC 37- 40 and Hoola Bronzer is not good for me for contouring. So, if I wanted to use one the ‘ben nye mediapro poudre’ for contouring, which one do you think I should go for ? The thing is these media pro poudre are just the same color of these, but pressed powders. So, if these weren’t translucent, which one would be good for contouring ? Thanks in advance :)

    • Krissy90220

      I’m really not sure.
      I use MAC Blunt Blush and MAC Richly Honed to contour. You can even use full coverage foundation that’s 2 shades darker. I only use these to set it all.

  • BrittanyJ.

    WOW!! Im so glad I found this page. I was seriously confused. The only question I have is, when purchasing the Mojave powders, should I try to match my skin tone or go one up? Im not much darker than you if at all but, I noticed you used “Camel”. When looking at the options, I think I might be more of a Dolce or Olive Sand. How do you choose? :/

    • Krissy90220


      Get the color you need based upon what it’s being used for. I only use Banana in highlight areas. I use the darker shade all over for most days.

      Hope this helps!

  • Adrienne

    Hi I have fair skin and I want to highlight the way Kim’s make up artist does. Will the banana powder be to light for me? Or is that one made for that?

    • Krissy90220

      Banana is light (but not far) and it’s very translucent but depending on your undertones it may be too yellow.

  • Zeidy

    I will like to know which color would be better for my skin tone I’m light skin and idk which one to try I’m a first timer . Thanks

    • Krissy90220

      What brand and foundation shade do you wear? Light can vary :-)

      • Zeidy

        I use store brand fit me from maybelline the 115 ivory foundation it’s the lightest one

        • Krissy90220

          You can go with the Fair translucent powder. Cameo may be too pink.

          • Zeidy

            Okay i will order the fair thank u soo much I hope I get a nice color when is all set .

      • osarodion edosa

        Hello krissy. Pls I use an nw45 from Mac. I would like to get that whitish undertone in the highlight areas not a golden one. What ben nye powder should I get

        • Krissy90220

          Great question!
          You would go with Beige Suede (it’s pink instead of yellow) but it doesn’t give much color so as long as you’re using it to set a lighter color it will be fine. You have a photo of the look you’re going for?

  • Yisha

    I’m so glad i found this page 😀 So i use mac nw45 face powder so what shade of bennye should i get for my all over face powder and also which shade can i use for highlighting

  • Coco

    I’m an NW45 I ordered the banana powder but I was wandering which would give me a nice highlight. Sienna, topaz or something else … I just bought the true match nut brown foundation witch fits me perfectly (Better than my Mac) . Not sure what to high light with.

    • Krissy90220

      These are translucent, better used to set the concealer used to highlight.

  • Beautyblog

    Hi, Do you think I could use beige suede as an all-over face powder? I am a NW40 in MAC. Thankyou :)

  • Bliss5

    I have the banana, topaz, sienna, cocotan, chestnut and ebony. I would like to know if the mojave line are the same colors with different names?

    • Krissy90220

      Some of these colors run and feel virtually the same- such as camel and topez. I think they’re just just deeper shades.

  • Carmen

    Hey I am an nw43 In Mac do you think I can get the banana luxury powder for highlighting? And for the all over face powder which one do you think can go right with me? I am still confused on the difference between the translucent face powder and luxury-_- that’s why I can’t decide which of the two categories is the one for the all over face powder.

  • Shannen

    Hi I’m an nw 25 mac and would love to know which powder you would recommend color wise as I’m in the uk so would need to ship to me here! X

    • Krissy90220

      You can go with Buff, but Beige Suede may work as well.

  • Jenni

    Hi! I currently have the banana powder to set my under eye concealer, but I was wondering which powder would you recommend as a powder to be used to set my foundation all over my face. I have yellow undertones, and I use Makeup forever HD foundation in the shade 170, I’m assuming that it’s comparable to MAC NC44.

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  • Tina

    Hi! I am a NC 40 Mac and I wanted to get one of these powders for my face. I want to get topaz for the face but I am scared its going to be too dark for me. Or should I get camel?? Thanks :)

    • Krissy90220

      Nope, they look exactly the same (I own both lol). Go lighter for all over use.

  • Lia

    I’m so happy I stumbled on your page. I need your help. I have the Ben nye powders in banana and sienna. I’m nc45. Banana is perfect for setting the under eye area. However the sienna is way to dark. What color would u suggest to set all over the face?

    • Krissy90220

      You can go with Dolce in the luxury powders

  • KoCoa Ashè

    Hi I just happen to stumble upon ur site after searching for hours on the Ben Nye powders & I am so thankful for ur article., Now I’m a dark skin sister whom loves her make up but also hates to look like I hve a TON of products on. I wear NW45 only under my eyes (concealer) I use MUFE Foundation in 177 cognac & finish it off with MAC’s Deep Dark mineralize skin finish natural., I want to try the Ben Nye brand but am scared to purchase the “Banana” out of fare of looking ashy. So my ? (Finally

  • P

    Hey!! I am thinkin of gettin the banana powder for highlighting, but for all over face I can’t decide between beige suede, camel or topaz. In mac I am nc 43/44.. Wat do u recommend? No where in the uk to test it out :(

    • Krissy90220

      You can go with Camel (Topaz is comparable). Beige Suede is like the pink version of Banana.
      Hope this helps:-)

  • Monelle

    This was the best makeup breakdown ever!!! Thanks

  • Kristy

    Hi Krissy!
    So glad I found this page, it’s amazing thank you!!
    Could you help me pick a colour in the Ben Nye luxury visage powder.
    I use MAC MSF/natural in medium and am looking to try this next.
    What colour would you suggest?
    Thank you :)

    • Krissy90220

      Camel would be my best guest. MAC MSF/Natural in Med. seems to have more orange/red tones than this one.

  • Trini Trance

    Hi –
    I just found out about this product this past weekend with the Banana powder and I went “Bananas” over it (LOL). I am looking to see what tinted product to get. I am a Filipina that uses Bare Escentuals Medium Tan for foundation. I also have an indian friend who is also looking to purchase this product and she uses MAC concealer NW40 and Medium Dark for Bare Escentuals. What would you recommend for overall powder to set makeup. BTW . . . Thank You soooo much for your article on color description. It was very helpful and informative

    • Krissy90220

      LOL! We all we crazy :-)
      The best options would be beige suede or camel (which could be a little too dark).
      Hope this helps!

  • Creativegenious

    You have been so wonderfully helpful! Thank u so much.

    • Krissy90220

      Awww you’re welcome!

  • Amanda

    Hi I am NW 45 or MC 50 which powder would you recommend for setting and one for good coverage?

    • Krissy90220

      I would go with Nutmeg, Camel might be a tad too light

  • kasheena

    Hi hun, came across Thus site and I so glad I did. I am a Mac nw45 and I’m not sure which shade ben nye to get for highlighting and for overall face coverage. I am really considering this but confused

  • Joan

    Hi I was wondering which luxury powder I should use to highlight if I’m an nc 30 in Mac

  • Ju

    Thank you so much!!! I wish the world would do their research so they could understand like the way you laid it out clearly here that banana powder isn’t for us all. This was really thourough and helpful!!

  • Kammy

    Hi! Soooooo happy i found your page cause i have been battling with which shade powder to get. I’m between NW44 and NC55 in MAC. Which shade do you recommend for overall coverage??

  • Nastassia Leslie

    Hello! I am so glad I found your blog. I’ve been wanting to buy Ben Nye, but online only since it’s not available locally here in the Philippines..

    Anyway, I’m a MAC Nc35.. What powders from Ben Nye would match my skin tone? Thank you so much!!!

  • sara

    I wear mac foundation new 45…what shade powder do I need?

    • Krissy90220

      NC or NW 45?

  • christie


    I wear MAC NW43 . Im thinking of purchasing Ben Nye olive sand for all over the face and Topaz for highlighting. Im not sure of these would look good on me. Any other suggestions? Thanks:)

  • maggie

    I am between nw18/nw20 and want to use this as a highlighter. What shade should i order?

  • debbie

    Hello Krissy90220,
    Thanks for explaining better the color that blends with the skin.I wear Mac foundation NW45 and mac NW35,what color do you think will blend with my skin?

  • Robyn

    Hello, I use a Mac NC45 concealer I was wondering as a highlight should I go with banana or the beige suede? I want a good highlight for under eyes and underneath my brows. I have olive/medium skin with red/brown but predominantly brown undertones. Thanks!

    • Krissy90220

      It comes down to preference but I would go with banana since it has yellow tones and yellow brightens

  • Y Will

    Quick question what is the difference between Ben Nye Mojave Luxury Powder and Ben Nye Luxury Powder?

    • Krissy

      Same product the Mojave line are just deeper shades. I personally think they should give them all the same name.

  • Y Will

    I agree with you, Krissy. Thank you for responding :)

    • Krissy

      Anytime :-)

  • TY

    Hi dear, pls I am very much interested in the ben nye powders. I wear MAC NW 43. I want to know the ben nye powder to buy for under eye on my concealer, and also which one for all over my face. Your advice will be well appreciated. Thanks for your blog too

  • fola

    Hello,i want to purchase this Ben Nye powder,but am a little bit confused. I wear NC45 and NC50 shades of MAC. Which two of Ben Nye products can I buy. Thanks