Ben Nye Loose Powder Breakdown and Shade Descriptions

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This post is probably a little dated but I just wanted to give a thorough breakdown of the Ben Nye face powders now that Kim Kardashian and her makeup artist have supplies running low on some online stores.   Ben Nye face powders are sold at all pro stores here in LA and I can always find them in various sizes at Naime’s, Nigel’s, and Friend’s.  Buying these powders can be a bit of a dozy if you’re not familiar with the colors, names, and categories.  The guide below will take all the confusion out of things.  For swatches check out this post on Shiny Happy Pretty.

  • They’re broken into 3 categories but you’ll often see them listed as two; Classic Translucent and Luxury Powders.  Luxury Powders come in 2 series; Bella (lighter shades) and Mojave (darker shades).
  • The come in 3 sizes; 1.5oz/ 42gm and 3.0oz/ 85gm shaker bottles, and 8oz/ 226gm jar.  To put that into perspective, a jar of MUFE Super Loose Matte Powder is .35oz/ 10gm.
  • Prices range from $8.00 – $23.99.  Those prices are unbelievable these days.

I’ve been using these for a while and have absolutely no complaints.  I do touch up a little more often (okay once a day, maybe twice for extremely long days) with these compared to the wear of MUFE Super Matte Loose, assuming because they don’t have silicone.  But unlike Super Loose Matte, the color selection is pretty bananas…no pun intended.  Since they’re loose settings powders (with only a hint of color) they photograph well with camera flashes.  You’ll still want to make sure you’re using a nice duo fiber or fluffy brush and blend well to make sure you look flawless.  I also never have any issues with the color due to the color warmth.

CLASSIC TRANSLUCENT FACE POWDERS:  Translucent powder sets creme makeups for a durable, soft matte finish. Seven shades are available from subtle fair to warm brown tones.

Neutral Set Translucent Powder is a colorless powder that blends with all skin tones and retains the intensity of bright and dark shades. Its special formula controls perspiration, making this product perfect for high energy performers such as clowns or dancers.

Super White Powder is Ben Nye’s only non-translucent powder that contains a bright white pigment good for White, Geisha, Porcelain, and other very fair shades.

  • Neutral Set basic neutral colorless
  • Super White Set non-translucent super white
  • Fair translucent fair with pink tones
  • Pretty Pink translucent pink
  • Topaz translucent neutral brown
  • Sienna translucent deep neutral brown
  • Chestnut translucent warm neutral brown
  • Ebony translucent dark brown

BELLA LUXURY LOOSE POWDER:  Formerly known as Visage Poudre Luxury Powders, these ultra-neutral powders provide superior matte and subtle finishing. Often compared to French powders with silky-fine textures. the Ben Nye Bella line of powders are translucent with just a hint of color.


  • Cameo translucent pink beige
  • Buff translucent beige with pink tones
  • Beige Suede translucent beige with brown tones
  • Banana translucent with beige with yellow tones

MOJAVE LUXURY POWDERS: Formerly known as Visage Powders, these ultra-fine, translucent loose powders set foundation, reduce shine and enhance olive and brown skin tones without a hint of chalkiness.

  • Camel translucent golden tan
  • Dolce translucent translucent tan
  • Olive Sand translucent warm tan
  • Clay translucent golden deep tan
  • Nutmeg translucent golden dark tan
  • Dark Cocoa translucent warm dark tan