HanaAir Professional Hair Dryer Pictures, Review and Video | Yielding better results using a round brush than a comb attachment

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UPDATE 12/31/12 @ 10:11AM:  This dryer was everything and I got about 7 uses out of it, but I’m sad to report that it no longer gets hot.  It’s now useless :-(.


Over the years I’ve purchased not 1, not 2, but 3 blow driers.  2 of the hair dyers are the same brand because most beauty supply stores around my area carry the same brand and model.  I purchased the last one because I was moving at the time and all my hair tools were packed and one their way to the new place.   Long. Deep. Sigh.  Sadly, I failed to do any form of research prior to making these purchases because I thought ‘all a dryer does is blow heat, my flat iron does the real work’.  I was wrong, so wrong…for all these years.

Recently I bought 2 (small and large) ion thermal round brushes at Ulta for a few bucks and started using them with my concentration attachment.  I’ve seen some amazing work with this dynamic duo and figured it was something I can recreate without visiting the salon.  Well my hair didn’t turn out exactly how I expected it to but it wasn’t bad either…progress was being made.

Recently I started doing a ton of research on professional blow dryers and more importantly looking at the wattage & power.  The dryer that I really had my eye on was the Hana Air Professional Hair Dryer, because of the stellar reviews.  Just by pure chance they reached out to me for a review. Enclosed with the dryer was a round ceramic brush with boar hair.  This was my first time using a brush with boar hair while drying but it looked like it would work better than the other brushes I was using.

I used the Hana Air after washing & conditioning my weave. I didn’t use any products or heat protectors because I wanted to make sure that this dryer and brush could get the job done without the assistance of any products.  I really underestimated the power of this dryer because my small bathroom felt like a typhoon in the middle of the desert.  I literally took 3 breaks just to get some cool air.  I can’t see myself using any other blow dyer after using the Hana Air.  I only used flat iron on the very ends to smooth them out.  It took all but 3 minutes and I did it in one large section, really no work at all.  I also used the iron to style my bangs.  Overall my hair was perfect and it cut down my styling time by an hour if not longer.  It would be worth the investment if you’re a Kitchen Beautician, like myself.  I also plan on having a professional hair stylist using it to get her opinion on it as well.  Now as much as I love this new tool, it doesn’t come without flaws– the first one is that the heat level setting is mislabeled.  Instead of it indicating a hot, warm, and cool it says “off”.  One can assume that this means you’re turning the heat off but that’s not a standard blow dryer setting.  I also would have liked to have seen the on/ off switch be clearly indicated since it’s not very clear.  Also, the lowest heat setting is just as cool as holding the cool shot button.  I have neutral feeling about this.  I personally get tired of holing the cool shot button to seal the cuticle, so having the option to just leave it on cool works perfect.  Some could have an issue with this and would rather have a heat setting that’s cool but not as cold.  This comes down to personal preference.

Notes:  Because of the design the hair dryer not all universal attachments work flawlessly with the Hana Air Professional.  This seems common these days with dryers because my last one has the same issue.

  • I included a video on how to blow dry your hair using a round brush to give more of a visual on how I did my hair.
  • The concentration attachment included with the dryer snaps in place and works perfectly but the tip isn’t as wide as my universal attachment.  I prefer the wider tip since I have a lot of hair to dry.
  • My universal concentration diffuser attachment works ok but you also don’t use them directly on the hair so you don’t need them to be as snug.  I don’t have a universal comb attachment but can tell you now it would be a hassle.
Adjustable Heat 2 Fan Speeds
3 Heat Settings
Plus Cold Shot
Ceramic Heater Most Advanced Far Infrared Ionic Heat
Tourmaline, Titanium Oxide & Silver Infused Pure Tourmaline Crystals Add Antibacterial Ions and Shine
Attachments Concentrator
Warranty 2 Years 
Design Italian
Wattage Proprietary Design Allows for Equivalent Operation of 2300 Watts
Low EMF Environmentally Safe
Motor Life Longest in Industry
Cord Type 12′ Extra Long, ALCI safety plug

Availability: Misikko.com

Price: $194.99 (full price $314.99)

Rating:  A


Disclaimer: This product was sent to the author for review by the manufacturer/PR. All reviews on http://www.addictedtoallthingspretty.com and from Krissy (aka Krissy90220) remain unbiased and unpaid. For more info, feel free to contact the author.