How to repair a cracked, split, or broken natural nail at home

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The other night I bumped my nail into the steering wheel of my car– totally random, and I don’t know how I even did it.  The end result was a long, shallow, crack.  I wasn’t in any pain (thank the Lord) but it was extremely annoying.  The good news is that it was an easy fix.  If you have natural nails you should ALWAYS keep a nail kit near by.  And you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying a pre-made kit.  Keep it simple.  My kit contains brush-on glue, a fine nail file, super fine nail buffer, and pure silk, scissors, and an orange stick…all which can be purchased at Sally’s for around $10.00.  A pre-made nail repair kit can cost upwards of $20.00.

Measure the damaged area and cut the silk (or tea bag wrapper) accordingly

Make sure your nails are free of oils by using a nail dehydrator or rubbing alcohol

Buff the damaged area in a single direction

Apply nail glue.  Brush-on glue is easy to control but the IBD brand I used took forever to dry, so opt for a different brand.

Immediately apply the cut piece of silk (or tea bag wrapper)

Apply another layer of glue, allow to dry, buff in one single direction, and repeat steps to build an even layer

Admire your work ;-)

P.S.  Sorry for the not-so-great pics…I’m still unpacking from the move and haven’t gotten to my digital camera.  Here’s a video to give you a better visual.