Lush “Vanillary” Solid Perfume Pictures and Review

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The sweet and sensual real vanilla and jasmine absolutes are supported by the burnt caramel-like scent of tonka bean in this delicious perfume.

Vanillary is a grown-up gourmand. Its character really warms and develops on the skin and you’ll get many compliments wearing it.

Vanilla, jasmine, tonka

Simon originally created this floral gourmand fragrance for a bath bomb called Vanilla Fountain, inspired by the extraordinary desserts at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck restaurant. When it became an instant hit Simon was nagged into submission by colleagues until he produced the fine fragrance version. The Lush inventors briefly experimented with giant bath bombs and for a while we also had a Vanilla Mountain.

Since Vanillary started its life in Lush, it’s also available as a body lotion, massage bar, bath bomb and a body powder.

This is truly is a warm, slightly powdery vanilla perfume.  It’s not the typical sweet vanilla fragrance that we’re used to.  Do I love it and can’t live without it…without a doubt.  I’ve been using Lush Vanilla Puff Powder (the corresponding dusting powder) for years…so it’s a natural love affair.  However, I do have a couple issues with the Lush “Vanillary” Solid Perfume; umm ouch…the ground tonka beans sticks to the skin and it doesn’t feel pleasant when you apply the perfume.  You also have to be sure to completely massage the perfume into the skin, otherwise you’ll be left with a noticeable shiny white haze…not as white as most sunscreens but still noticeable.  I do like that the scent lasts for 2-3 hours and the initial application is strong, the price is nice as well, and I love that it’s not drying to the skin.

Availability:  Available now at, Lush retail stores.  It isn’t limited edition as far as I know.

Price:  $9.95/ 0.4 oz.

Rating:  B-

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