Sinful Colors Dream On Review and Swatches

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I’ve had Sinful Colors “Dream On” sitting on my vanity for so long , that I forgot when I purchased it.  It just got lost in the polish shuffle as many polishes fall victim to.  I rarely buy Sinful Colors nail colors because I find them to be chip-tastic after a couple days and the formulas are always hit/ miss….more misses than hits, if you ask me.  I guess I don’t have room for too much complaining since the nail colors are so cheap and I can’t resist avoiding them all together.  They do make some really pretty colors and they’re easily accessibly.  I was looking at a swatch of Sinful Color “Easy Going” I posted in 2009 and noticed a long crack, so I’m hoping this application will last a few days with no issues but that’s just a little wishful thinking.

“Dream On” is a true neon magenta cream and dries to a matte finish (as with most if most if not all neon colors).  I found the formula to be off and I had to use thicker coats than usual.  I’m happy I didn’t apply a shade of white polish like I normally do when I wear neon colors because it would have been too thick.  The color pay-off was great for a neon after 2 coats and the Poshe Topcoat really smoothed out the formula.

I added a Blackberry picture below since I found it to truer to color than the pictures I took in outside in natural sunlight.