Valentine’s Day Wrap Up and Nails

Something simple.  I wasn’t feeling hearts this year; normally I’m all about hearts, butterflies, and balloons. Thumb:  Essie “Lady Like” Index and Middle:  China Glaze “Who’s Wearing What?” with bubble gum pink stripes Ring:  China Glaze “Who’s Wearing What?” with deep lavender stripes Pinky:  Milani “White On The Spot” topped with Milani Jewel FX in […]

International Salon and Spa Expo 2012, Long Beach California

I’ve been a fan of Rusk professional hair care line for years, so I was excited to see them at the show.  They had their regular product line up and were also there to present the new Being Sexy line up, set to be releasing during Mary/ June 2012.  Sadly, I missed Nancy “the queen […]

Essie Cocktail Bling is Strange…in a Good Way

  Essie “Cocktail Bling” is described as a precious pale grey jewel, and to some degree I’d have to agree with them.  It is precious and gray but it has so much blue and purple it could be an easy toss up between any of those colors.  I’m sure I could ask 5 different people […]

The Secret Is Out! Official Glam Media Glam Beauty Board Fall 2011 Beauty Must-Haves

I can finally let the cat out of the bag; I’m an official member of Glam Media’s Glam Beauty Board, a hand-selected panel of 12 bloggers (Afrobella, Make Her Up, Thoughts of Beauty, Jacqueline Luxe, Curls Coils & Kinks, Miss Whoever You Are, We Heart This, and a  host of others) who get to review […]

Essie has me feeling all Lady Like and stuff

After wearing Essie “Case Study” for a solid 5 days with no tip-wear or chipping and having washed my hair few times, I was ready for a change but was really interested in trying Essie again.  This time I went with Essie “Lady Like”—a gorgeous more demure version of China Glaze “Below Deck”.  It’s more […]