A twist on white nail polish… Essie Marshmallow (jelly white) | Swatches by @DaBDSTCaliRed

One of my favorite local Twitter-ers @DaBDSTCaliRed went out and purchased Essie “Marshmallow” because she was unable to find OPI “Funny Bunny” (which may be limited edition or just hard to find because I haven’t seen it either and it was gifted by my friend).  I blogged about my love for “Funny Bunny” while ago.  I actually […]

Nail polish companies enlist a PR rep to review products for blog with 11 followers, and sets off firestorm

UPDATE: The blogger has now clarified her previous statement and confirmed that she doesn’t work FOR Essie’s PR team but works with them in the sense of blogging. Essie’s PR Rep also contacted me via Facebook and clarified this as well. She also stated that she’ll remind the blogger to give the FTC disclosure in […]

A twist on white nail polish…OPI Nail Lacquer Funny Bunny

I’m ridiculously addicted to OPI “Funny Bunny”!  The other day when Random Landa tweeted her love for jelly white, I remembered that I share the same love for them!  It’s the only color I wear on my toes– shocking I know.  Most assume I match my nail polish to my toes but that’s never been my style. […]

Color Blocking with Makeup and Nail Polish

I’m really trying to get out of my wearing black all the time phase but I just can’t let it go.  My only option is to take advantage of the color blocking trend that Danielle The Style and Beauty Doctor mentions below, but using makeup & nail polish instead of clothes.  Below are a few […]

Nails: “Take It or Leave It” Dots | @GingerandLiz @AmericanApparel @ChinaGlaze

Just wanted to post my nails for the weekend.  I don’t think we need much details…you dolls know all I know how to do is use my dotting tool.  Speaking of dotting tool, I’m looking to buy a bunch in various sizes.  Any suggestions on what site I should order them from? Krissy Being a […]

Birthday Dinner Party Nails – Part 1 | @OPI_Products @ChinaGlaze @EssiePolish

I thought about holding this post off until after my birthday dinner tonight, but hey why not share it now?  I’m no pro when it comes to designs but give me a dotting tool and I’ll do some things.  I used Essie “Lyford Ford” (circa 2007 from the Bahamas collection) as a base color over […]